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Stephanie Hobbins

Co-host, Yoga Teacher

Stephanie is a Oaxaca- based yoga and Acroyoga teacher. She began her yogic path in 2012 while living in Costa Rica. She now teaches in both English and Spanish and focuses on alignment and based movement.

Her specialties are in Vinyasa Flow, Acroyoga, Hatha, and Yin yoga. She has been hosting retreats in Oaxaca, Mexico for the past 3 years, sharing her love for Oaxacan food and culture.

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Co-host, Travel Blogger

Susan is a travel blogger based in Oaxaca, Mexico. Her blog, Brooklyn Tropicali, is focused on creative travels for creative people. She has 4.5 years experience living and traveling abroad to over 20 countries. The blog promotes immersive travel in Latin America, encouraging creative professionals to seek out and learn from master artisans such as weavers, ceramicists, painters, chefs, and more. She is also a social media manager and consultant for small businesses and startups. 


PHONE NUMBER: +1-414-534-1505


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